How to create free website and earn money online FAST?



Making Money through website depend on the topic you choose & time you investment and a normal person can easily earn upto $3000 online from a free wesbite.

Step 1.

Create Free Website

There are several platform to create free website but one of the best platform is blogger. Blogger is easy to use, just like Microsoft word.

So, to get started with blogger you just have to sign up or you can also sign up using your google account easily. And then choose your website URL name and create & publish your first blog.

How to earn from free website?

Step 2.

Now after publishing your first blog. All you have to do is apple for AdSense account. AdSense is a platform where advertisers sell ads, and these ads display on your website. And when user click on ads your earn money from that.

Find out other ways to earn from a Website?

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